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How to Get More Sales and Leads- 9 Ways to Do It

Finding out how to get more sales and leads is an essential part of the online marketing process. After all, a steady flow of good quality sales and leads, can allow business owners to plan ahead with more confidence.

This article contains nine popular and effective lead generation ideas, which you may want to add to your marketing portfolio. Many small business owners make the mistake of relying on just 1 or 2 sources of leads. The problem with that approach, is that if one of those lead sources slows down or stops delivering, you are in big problem! It’s far better to develop a wide range of sales and lead opportunities.

  1. Word of mouth - If you want to get people to talk about you or your products, give them something to talk about! The golden rule of generating leads via word of mouth is that you need to be remarkable if you want people to remark on you!
  2. Email marketing - This is easily one of the most powerful forms of lead generation. For very little cost, a professionally copy written email marketing campaign can generate a steady supply of high quality, targeted leads for your business.
  3. Twitter - From my perspective Twitter can be great source! You main goal should be to increase the level of engagement on your Twitter profile. Here’s a tip: Be selective and don’t just follow every person and every “trend” you see!
  4. Tele Marketing - You might want to consider using a professional telemarketing company as a source of lead generation. This works better in some industries and countries, than others. Check out any telemarketing company before you consider using them and ask for references.
  5. Networking - Whether you choose online or offline networking, the key is to network with the right kind of people. Form associations with people, who have a need for your services. Let them know what you do and the kind of people you work with, so they know who to recommend you to.
  6. Direct marketing - Direct marketing has become an increasingly powerful way to generate leads. With more and more marketing moving online, a hand signed letter from really catches the reader’s attention.
  7. Website or blog - Your site should be a lead generating machine for your business. Also, make it easy for people to contact you. Publish your phone number and email address. If you use a contact form, just ask for their name, email address and message.
  8. Newsletters - Newsletters are a great way to generate leads. Written newsletter, which resonates with your audience, is a very effective way to position yourself as the person with the answers, to their problems. Then, when they decide to get professional help with their problem, you are already the natural choice.
    Just make sure you are approachable and that you let your readers know that you are happy to speak with them. Tell them that they are under no obligation by contacting you and that you will treat their email or call in total confidence.
  9. Advertising - The right message, placed in the correct advertising channel, can produce fast, measurable results. The reason so many small business owners claim advertising doesn’t work, is that they use amateur copy and put it in the wrong place. If you are thinking of advertising and you have tried before and found it didn’t work, either get a professional in it or leave it! You can waste a lot of money with ineffective advertising.

Obviously, there are far, far too many proven ways to generate leads, than can be covered in a single post. However, I hope those above have got you thinking about investing in some new, lead generating activities.

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