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Cert. IV in Frontline Management

Program Overview Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812

Frontline Managers have a significant role in the leadership in their organisation. In increasingly competitive and fast changing times Frontline Managers have a major responsibility to ensure that teams deliver quality services and products. The purpose of this powerful and challenging program is to develop, through learning and practical workplace practice, recognised competencies for frontline and other managers.

The BEC Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812 Program covers 10 units of management competency in areas such as managing work priorities, people management, team effectiveness, operational plans, information systems, customer service management, work safety, continuous improvement, and workplace learning.

Program Outcomes - Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812
This Program aims to help participants to:
• Develop the specified range of competencies required for Frontline Managers operating at an advanced level
• Demonstrate application of competencies through workplace examples
• Deliver quantifiable improvements for their organisation through 1 Strategic Workplace Improvement Project
• Evaluate own ongoing professional development needs and take ownership for self development
• Take responsibility for managing self and team to meet challenges of the workplace

Program Duration - Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812
This course is offered in a variety of delivery modes. The most common being a series of 10 workshops covering the 10 units of competence held 3 weeks apart allowing students to undertake assignment work between workshops. In addition to this students can elect to undertake this course via correspondence over a 12 month period with telephone and email support from the BEC. Ultimately the choice is yours, depending on your personal circumstances.

Assessment for this Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812 qualification is by evidence to demonstrate competency for the competency units.

1. Competency Application Assessment Questions: These are related to individual units and require evidence of participant's application of competency in the workplace. Participant's answers are signed off by either participant's Line Manager or by their workplace Mentor. 
2. Strategic Workplace Assessment Projects: Each unit has a project that must be undertaken by the participant and then signed off by the supervisor / manager to validate the candidates ability to undertake this activity in the workplace.

The BEC provides a structured project assessment guide to help participants and mentors carry out this process efficiently.

Program Benefits - Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812
This is an excellent course and both participants and organisations gain significant benefits from it including:
 • Enhanced management skills 
 • Demonstrated performance improvement
 • Nationally recognised portable qualification 
 • Management pathway
 • Direct returns for the organisation through one Strategic Workplace Improvement Project

Delivery Options - Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812
The Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812 qualification is available through The BEC through the following delivery options. Participants and organisations can use one of the options or can choose a blend of more than one option:
• Corporate Courses: customer tailored in-house programs for organisations
• Public Courses
• Recognition Processes: Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competency (RCC)

Cost: $2,250.00 per person.

This course is currently being offered under the Skills Support Program in conjunction with Illawarra ITEC funded by NSW Department of Education & Training Registration Fee of only $250 with the balance being covered under SSP funding. Contact the BEC today on 63620448 or email for an information pack

Call now for 2nd Semister 2014 Dates

Core Certificate IV Modules

The Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40812 covers 10 Units of management competency at AQF Level IV.

This table lists the 4 Core & Elective units (6 to be chosen) covered in this course.

This course is offered to suit individual needs.

Core units

BSBMGT401A - Show Leadership in the Workplace
This unit explores the essential qualities of successful workplace leaders, and the skills and knowledge they can develop to influence teams positively. From the focus of effective goal setting and decision-making the course provides strategies to optimise leverage and to empower your people. Performance drivers and the balanced scorecard are explored.

BSBMGT402A – Implement Operational Plan
This unit is about business planning and the active work of managers to plan, implement, monitor and record performance to achieve business plans of the team/organisation. This pivotal role is carried out to create safe, efficient and effective services and products to customer satisfaction within your organisation productivity and profitability plans.

BSBOHS407A - Monitor a Safe Workplace
This unit is about occupational health and safety and the role of all managers to ensure the workplace meets safety requirements set down in legislation, standards and the organisation policies and practices.

BSBWOR402A - Promote Team Effectiveness
This course is about team effectiveness and the vital role of a manager to effectively plan team performance, develop and facilitate team cohesion, facilitate team work and liaise with stakeholders.

Elective units

BSBWOR404B- Develop Work Priorities

BSBWOR401A - Establish Effective Workplace Relationships

BSBCUS401A - Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies

BSBINM401A - Information Systems

BSBMGT403A - Continuous Improvement

BSBLED401A - Workplace Learning

TAEASS301B - Contribute to Assessment

TAEASS401B - Plan Assessment Activities and Process

TAEASS402B - Assess Competence

BSBCMM401A - Make a Presentation

The BEC also offers career pathway options, which are programs that link a number of certificates to enhance your learning experience and outcomes.

A deposit of $1,000 must be paid prior to commencement of training with the balance of $1,250 due on completion of training.
(please note that no Certificate will be issued until all payments have been received.

*RPL Is avaialbe for this qualification



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